Evolution vs. Revolution

When we look at the history of societal change it seems to evolve at a slow pace, until it doesn’t. Does it take a revolution to spark the birth of the new consensus or should we expect and desire change to evolve over an extended period? What is possible? What is probable? What are the repercussions?

Join us for a series of dynamic panel discussions that investigate evolution vs. revolution in diverse areas of our modern life, including identity politics, climate change, and social justice, economic wealth distribution, immigrants quest for refuge in the United States, and more.

Evolution vs. Revolution is co-presented by SouthNEXT and SOPAC.

Controversial Art and Entertainment

In our first virtual Connected Conversations event, representatives from several arts and entertainment fields will be brought together to discuss their views on controversial art as a means to affect change. Panelists will come from the fields of Theater, Sports, Visual Art, Music, Spoken Word, and Video.

Stephen Schnall, the founder/producer of SouthNEXT for the last 6 years, will moderate.