Saturday, November 10

Saturday November 10 2018 – Schedule of Events

All sessions will take place in the Loft at the South Orange Performing Arts Center — Get your wristband ticket here!

12 Noon | Keynote – Stories from a different perspective

Think of me as the Story Whisperer, a person devoted to drawing stories out of other people and using stories to connect people to one another. Great stories, the real and vital ones we need for healing, reside in balance between vulnerable and professional, public and private, personal and collective knowing, perhaps even between truths that are based in the evidence of this world and truths that connect us across infinite and limitless time. I am to my core a teacher. For SouthNEXT I am leading our community–in which I have lived for 35 years–in the creation of a new, shared identity, one which we will create together with our own stories. Bring your sense of play!

  • Carol Barash is an Award-winning author, teacher and entrepreneur and is the founder and CEO of Story2. Over the past decade, Carol and her team have taught more than 150,000 people how to tell their stories out loud and use the science of storytelling to advocate for themselves and their communities. @carolbarash

12-6pm | Interactive Mural

Come to our fun and colorful mural playground! You can be a spectator or a participant and easily create a piece of whimsical art by rearranging shapes and colors on the wall. No artistic experience is necessary, only curiosity. All are welcome!

  • Elina Rosenblum is a self taught artist with multiple artistic interests. Her curiosity in applying herself to different forms of arts pushes her to experiment, generate tons of ideas and seek creative solutions.  Her desire is to bring beauty and joy to the world by transforming public or homely spaces from dull into delightful with the benefits of color therapy. She founded BlumArts LLC with that purpose in mind and is offering vibrant murals, whimsical mosaics and fun stained glass installations.

1pm | The Point of Us — Reclaiming the Purpose of Humanity in the Age of Machines

Artificial intelligence is a technology that will radically disrupt how we think about work, the economy, governments, and society. When we look into a future where an increasing number of our human skills are eclipsed by self-improving intelligent machines, what then becomes the purpose, aspiration, and worth of our humanness? In this session, we explore the powerful forces that are quickly shaping our future and take a journey into re-imagining the very purpose of our humanity.

  • Caroline Chubb Calderon

2pm | Tarab: Musical Ecstasy and Mystical Practice in Morocco

While the meditative dance of “whirling dervishes” may be the form of Islamic mystical practice most familiar to Western audiences, Sufi music takes on very different forms across the globe. Join us for an exploration of the boundary-crossing sacred music traditions of Morocco, from the distinctive African rhythms and spiritual songs and chants of gnawa, to the Andalusian musical styles and compositions still performed by Muslims and Jews alike. Many of these mystical songs and the rituals associated with them can be traced back for hundreds of years, yet still the music enjoys widespread popularity among Moroccans from young to old, religious to secular, rural to urban. We’ll examine these fascinating sacred musical traditions, including the musical rhythms and breath practices associated with “trance,” and discuss the complex role played by this music —and Sufi mysticism more generally —in modern Moroccan society.

  • Lourdes Maria Alvarez studies the cultural interplay between Muslims, Christians and Jews in medieval Spain, as well as the modern legacy of those interchanges. She is especially interested in the medieval Sufi mystics who resisted religious violence in their own time and whose lyrics and verses are now invoked by those who seek to resist fundamentalism and extremism. She has lived in Morocco, in both Fes and Rabat, where she studied Arabic and conducted research. She holds a Ph.D. from Yale University and has been on the faculty at Bard College, Catholic University and is now at the University of New Haven.

3pm | Inter-generational Jeopardy!

Watch as teams of 4: Student, Millennial, Baby-Boomer and Senior try to combine their wits and savvy to come up with the correct question from the answer (clue) provided; Cheer on your friends and neighbors and join the fun and laughs; Clues will be created by our very own South Orange Public Library from categories/themes presented during the Weekend


4pm |  Managing Arousal in the Era of Fitbit

This presentation will discuss how arousal and anxiety influence our lives. Consideration will be given to the possibility that our bodily reactions and thoughts are data to be observed rather than accurate responses to our world. Examples from the realms of sports, theater, and business will be highlighted to demonstrate how high performers utilize arousal to achieve excellence.

  • Dr. Andy Simon is a social/organizational psychologist who studies how people behave in work settings. He maintains a second line of inquiry in sports psychology. Here, his focus is on psychological skill-building and studies the various ways competitive athletes deal with anxiety and engage in goal-setting to improve performance. He has advised athletes across a range of sports, including those on Seton Hall University teams. His research extends to non-competitive athletes as well. Among those seeking fitness for health and well-being, he is interested in the reasons people find it challenging to start and maintain an exercise program.
  • Susan Hyon is a yoga therapy instructor and has a background in theater as an actor and producer. She studied economics and East Asian Studies at Smith College, spent a year in S. Korea on a Fulbright, and went to Columbia University to study voice with Kristen Linklater in the graduate Theater Arts program. She lives in South Orange with her husband, two “found” dogs, and one amazing foster son.

5pm | Technology in Music over the last 50 years – Boon or Bane?

Come witness demonstrations and discussion with electronic music pioneer Larry Fast, ascending artist Ari Finkel, and local composer/educator Mark Asch. How has technology helped and hindered musical expression during the past 50 years? What paths does technology enable for music in the future? What makes great music great, and has the answer to that question changed in recent times?
  • Mark Asch has been composing since childhood. His range of work includes rock songs, jazz, modern chamber music, pop choral pieces, piano études, and more. A music teacher in the Jersey City public school system, he has also composed commercially for corporations such as AT&T, The New York Times, and Merrill Lynch. He was the producer of the Modern American Composer Series at the Burgdorff Center, produced three albums and performed for seven years with local rock-for-kids band StarFish, and currently writes and plays with his band Thursday Habit and several other local groups. He teaches piano and composition privately in South Orange.
  • Larry Fast  is a co-producer and historian/writer of the documentary Saving The Great Swamp: Battle to Defeat the Jetport, Larry Fast is known for his series of pioneering electronic music albums recorded under the project name Synergy. He is also recognized for his decade of work with Peter Gabriel as well as contributing to numerous platinum selling recordings with other world-renown artists. Larry has been commissioned for projects by companies such as Disney, XM Satellite Radio and Tribune Broadcasting, and worked on documentary and feature film projects. A technology history specialist, Larry serves on the board of the Thomas Edison National Historic Park. His developments in infrared audio technology have earned him several patents.
  • Ari Finkel, formerly known as Dali Vision, was originally a student of jazz guitar, then music production at upstate New York’s SUNY Purchase. His work has grown to represent a wide range of influences, from electronic music of the post-war era onwards to jazz and even lounge and post-punk. Accepting the musical world around him while not afraid to carve a singular path through the din of the modern composer, Finkel continues to expand on his unique style with each release.

6pm | Cocktail Party – Listen to some music of the future and then hang out with today’s performers and attendees to debrief and download from a full day of amazing activity!

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